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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
19-Feb-10 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby (duet with POP star Ronan Keating)
I thought it was very full of possitive comments myself! Everyone, as far as I can see, has wished her the best. Even those who don't like the song as such. I think you may be getting mixed up with another board. Maybe I am reading it wrong:-( Can anyone show me where all the old grouches are?

I am glad the thread was refreshed as well though - FWIW I quite like both of them to listen to but would not buy any because it is not exactly my cup of tea.

As I have not really 'followed' any artist in a long time, does anyone know whether Kate has gone any further with her 'pop' stuff? I notice she did tne music for 'Jam and Jerusalem' but aside from that I have not really seen her in the mainstream. But, as I said, NME is a thing of the past for me so what do I know;-)