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Posted By: katlaughing
24-Aug-00 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: Music thread...honest...look!
Subject: RE: Music thread...honest...look!
Sophocleese, that is so sad about Joe C. While my son was growing up he had the same kind of allergy to peanuts; made a few trips to the emergency room before he finally quit trying to sneak peanut butter sandwiches. Luckily, he outgrew it. It seems esp. poignant as my son is only a year younger than Joe was.

Amergin! You'd better duck and cover, 'cause I ain't THAT old!**BG** And, I've been studying the Way of the Curmudgeon by BillD., so I am a neophyte, at least!

Now, come on, you phoaks! I kind of like the homey sound the accordion gives some of these tunes, be fair, now..give them an impartial listen...pretend you don't know the instrument being used.**BG**