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Posted By: gnu
21-Feb-10 - 07:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'The Miracle on Ice' 30yrs later
Subject: RE: BS: 'The Miracle on Ice' 30yrs later
LH... what 3 says is true. "Dirty" is mild. I had never even thought that someone would chop a skate on a leg when the puck was dropped until I saw it done on TV. It, and other "dirty" play, were shocking to me and made the victory even more sweet. Yes, the Russians were good, but they were not good enough in the end.

Now, I know Canucks can be rough and tough (been there) but the shit that the Russians doled out was out-and-out DIRTY. I just loved that our lads hung tough and won out WITHOUT reverting to what is normally the case in any Canuck rink on any given night... yeah... let's fuck, fight and hold the light.

In the end, they beat the bastards, despite their dirty play, and landed a few of them in the dressing room with CLEAN checking.

Gee whiz... I am so worked up over remembering the skate chopping... hadn't thought of it for YEARS. Fookin Commie bastards! Hehehehehee.