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Posted By: Little Hawk
21-Feb-10 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'The Miracle on Ice' 30yrs later
Subject: RE: BS: 'The Miracle on Ice' 30yrs later
The skate chopping was dirty, no doubt about that. On the other hand, I think the Canadian team deliberately injured Valery Karlamov to get him out of that series early. That's dirty play too.

I may be wrong...but I bet the Canadian coach told his players, "Take Karlamov out of this series. I don't care how you do it, just do it."

That sort of thing goes on a lot in hockey.

I have to give the Canadians great credit for getting over their initial arrogance, realizing just how bad a spot they were in, and rising to the occasion. They did a magnificent job.

The impression I had in that series was that you have a bunch of individualists on the Canadian side...prima donnas would be one way to put it...and they were not meshing together all that well as a team. The Russians, on the other hand, were used to playing together and were playing superbly as a team.

It took the Canadians about 4 games to suck it up, realize they were headed for an ignominious defeat, and forget about their egos and play as a real team.

They did it. And they had a bit of luck when they needed it. I still think the Russians played better hockey, but it is to their shame that they had to resort to dirty tactics as well.

(their coach probably gave them the orders to play that way too...)