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Posted By: Jim McLean
22-Feb-10 - 07:15 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: RE: Origins: Hush, hush time to be sleeping
Mulv, I can't play the YouTube version for some reason, but I will keep trying. The following is almost exactly the tune I use, the first part being the chorus and the second obviously the verse.

T:Mist Covered Mountains, The
A3 A3|e2 e e>dB|G3 G3|B>AB A>GA|
c3 d3|e>fg B>AG|A>Be d>cB|A3 A3:|
e3 e3|d>eg e>dB|G2 G d2 B|e2 e d>cB|
A3 c3|d>eg B>AG|A>Be d>cB|A3 A3:|

(only the F is sharp)

This is almost the same as Jack's second tune, Mist Covered Mountains, as played as a pipe tune and is not the same as Chi Mi na Morbheanna as is sometimes claimed, the second part of the tune being different.

I can only see a VERY vague resemblance to The Mist on the Mountains but would not say they are remotely similar under any form of scrutiny.