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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-Feb-10 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: RE: Origins: Hush, hush time to be sleeping
"Chi mi na mor-bheanna" was not published at first with a notated tune, as far as I know - the earliest source for it I've seen (a book of Gaelic poems from about 1880) said to use "Johnny's too long at the fair". Since then the tune has evolved - probably the one we're most familiar with first saw print in a Mod sheet a bit before 1900, it's in the 1896-1912 volume of "Coisir a Mhoid". Anne Lorne Gillies, in "Songs of Gaelic Scotland", adds to the confusion by printing a version of the tune which mixes up the Mod's one and the pipe version - at least she has the decency to say what she's doing.

The least documented change is whatever happened between "Johnny's too long at the fair" around 1856 and the Mod's tune forty years later. They are more closely related than either is to Junior Crehan's jig, but nobody could confuse the two. The Mod book credits the arrangement to John Bell but doesn't say he wrote the tune itself.