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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Feb-10 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Smile In Your Sleep / Hush, hush
Subject: RE: Origins: Hush, hush time to be sleeping
Can I make something clear - I am in no way implying that Junior plagerised the song - he was one of the most frankly honest people I ever met and would never do such a thing.
We recorded Ewan MacColl in the early eighties and asked him how he approached his songwriting. He said that when you were involved in song and music, after a while you subconciously remembered and mentally filed everything you heard. When you came to make a new tune you drew from what you already knew and produced something different but identifiably yours.
Junior, who was totally absorbed in his music, which was as much a part of his life as drawing breath, fits this description perfectly and I am convinced that any similarities to the song were totally due to this.
This, I think, fits in with what Jim and Jack said.
Jim Carroll