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Posted By: GUEST,Joanne
23-Feb-10 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: kids' game: I'm goin' down town to smoke my pipe
Subject: RE: kids' game: I'm goin' down town to smoke my pipe
In the early 1940's I lived in a very small town in Minnesota' We played this game Don't Let The Old Witch Get You. For over 60 years I have been asking people in my age group if they ever heard of the game. No one ever had. I am so happy that I looked it up on the internet and discovered many people played this game as children. Our version was a little different.
The mother started out with her little verse. I'm going uptown to smoke my pipe and won't be back till Saturday night and don't let the old witch get you. While she is gone the old witch comes and says to the first child, go down to the cellar and get me a jar of peas. While the child is getting the peas, she kidnaps one of the remaining children. When the mother comes back she asks the children where is so and so. The children say the old witch took her. This goes on until all the children are gone.

I could never remember the verse the mother said when she went to the witches house to get her children.

Now the mystery is solved. The verse I tried so hard to remember is the one sent in by Frans dotir. I had vaguely remembered something about glass slippers and bloody feed. Thank you Frans for clearing this up for me after more than 60 years.