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Posted By: Vic Smith
24-Feb-10 - 09:08 AM
Thread Name: Diz Disley - health - died 22 March 2010
Subject: RE: Diz Disley - health
Well Diz Disley and Portsmouth brings the memory of the following story that Diz told.....

Decades ago, Diz was playing the Officers' Mess at H.M.S Collingwood and after the gig his hosts broke out the Pursers' Rum. I don't know how many of you have touched that stuff but, believe me, it is lethal.

Much the worse for wear, Diz was later weaving his car up Portsdown Hill when he was stopped by the police. The following exchange took place:-

Policeman Just a check, sir, I'm not sure that you are fully in control of this car,
Diz Just a cheque? Oh! Thank goodness - I thought that you were going to book me. Who do I make it out to?