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01-Mar-10 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
Subject: Folklore: Should pitchers be requiredforfolkvenues
When you go into establishments that serve alcoholic beverages these days it seems that there is a movement to stop the sale of beverages by the large pitcher.

While this might be done to make more money by charging more for single beers and yes sometimes there is a discount for a pitcher (after all it does save the waitstaff considerale labor) the place could still at any time charge the same rate by the pitcher as by the glass after doing the math.

Generally I feel that this transition from pitcher to individual serving is done to keep customers from consuming their required dosage of drink. Some places that do serve pitchers limit consumption to one.
No matter how big a person is or how well trained in the fine art of mass consumption. My wife who would be on the floor after a pticher gets a whole one while I who need no limits find myself short of the proper dose. So there is a stifling of freedom involved.

At folk venues especially when music is playing getting to the bar is often difficult- pitchers make constant movement to the bar unnecessary. Also the wait staff do not have to move through the audience so often.

If people want their proper measure why not make it easier. Places would sell more and customers woiuld stay longer.

But is political correctitude to be the driving force what do you think. Let us build an international movement of folk solidarity to make the pitcher the standard.