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Posted By: Amos
02-Mar-10 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
The notion of willfully imposing false identities on others -- not just in occasional repartee, as I have often done myself, but in a concentrated campaign of alteration and denial of identity -- is really interesting. I am reminded of Freud who once remarked "I am coming to the conclusion that every conversation involves at least four people. We shall have a great deal to say about this."

One of the interesting aspects is of course what the psychic resources are on which people draw their materials for this intentional discharacterization. Projection is the obvious answer, but perhaps that is glib. Or, at least, insufficient. For example, when Little Hawk or Rapaire decides to dream up lower-class white-trash iconology to impose on their chosen alter-ego for me, are they thinking of themselves, or perhaps more deeply their own mothers, or fathers? Or some other deep psychic well of blither and blather which feeds their cognitive processes at a ground-water level, uninspected except in its symptoms?

Or is the mechanism that informs their callow jeremiads perhaps Jungian in its nature, an acting out of deep archetypes such as the Joker, or the Brat, drawn from racial memories so ancient as to precede known history?

Secondly, if Mother's house is to be temporarily turned into a theater for this kind of histrionics, in the fashion of the prepubescent Andy Rooney calling his playmates together with "Let's have a play!", what future paths of development offer themselves? One of course would be to let the impulse die a dismal death through attrition. Its perpetrators are of course hoping that will not be the course, as it undermines the effectiveness of their jejune and childish creativity.

Well then, what about generating completely ridiculous and false characters for all hands, and forcing them into the discussions? Why not a cheap and tawdry masquerade ball undermining all claims on human dignity or intelligence? Given this prepubescent sinkhole of shallow displays of humor, shouldn't we all fall in? Should we paint Little Hawk as a fifth-grade autism-spectrum, attention-deficit ridden miscreant stained with water-colors and food-fights, a sort of mixture between Dennis the Menace and Shane? Should Stilly become a dyed-blonde teen-aged pole-dancer from a backwater bar in eastern Washington State? And should Rapaire be forced to wear the mantle of a perverted overweight bagman who earns his daily bread downloading child-porn using public library computers and selling it to junior-high aged hockey players?

Which way should Mom's loyal citizens proceed? I mean, I realize that this is kind of like trying to make sense of the Tea Party, but since there is nothing else of moment occurring in Mom's half-acre, wot the hell, Archie.