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02-Mar-10 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
Subject: RE: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
I am constantly amazed by people who feel they have only had a good time if they cannot remember a single thing and have acquired either a traffic cone, a police officers' hat or a fellow drunk on the sofa who has vomited into the plant pot.

Is just the sort of PC attitude that is ruining social occasions in USA
everyone else wants to judge your personal relationship with alcohol. It is common knowledge that every person, despite laws enacted by the PC natzis, for legal definitions, has a different alcohol tolerance metabolically. Additionally significant experience goes into proper drinking you know. On the job in Germany we consumed far more beer than the average american would do in a week though absolutely no sugur syrup drinks. Drinking does not effect everyon's ability to enjoy social settings and music. Just doesnt work that way. Just because one beer will put you out do not impose limits on others.

When you look at alcohol consumption in 16th - 19th centuries as I am doing academically right now. You will find that the american pc sense of moderation and abstenance is historically unique except in puritan and other societies for which abstinence was a religious belief.