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Posted By: sian, west wales
02-Mar-10 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: seeking online translator - Welsh / English
Subject: RE: seeking online translator - Welsh / English
Oh crikey. Well, "gorffwys mewn tangnefedd" or "huno mewn hedd" (or even gorffwys mewn hedd or huno mewn tangnefedd) would be 'rest in peace'. To make things even more complicated, the old-fashioned Bible Welsh would spell it "gorphwys". As this is to be, literally, written in stone, you sure don't want a mistake, so I suggest she phones the Link Line at Welsh Language Board who will help.

Re: Gweddi dros Gymru, I can't think if I've ever seen it in English. I always use the Welsh version, of course. The only place I can think you might find it is in the Oxford Book of Welsh Verse in Translation (not sure if that's the proper title). Did you want a singable translation? There's an off chance that there might be a choral arrangement with an English translation; if so, try contacting the Welsh Music Information Centre via

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