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Posted By: Ebbie
02-Mar-10 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
Subject: RE: Should drink pitchers be required for folk ven
ue people in the USA drink way too little but are guilty and constantly feel that they are always drinking too much and spend their time telling everyone around them that they are drinkng way to much whereas in fact in Europe the same is nothing." Peasant

Question (seriously): Why do people - why do you drink? I like the glow that comes with the second or third glass of wine but I can't fathom the need or at least the desire to see how much or how fast I can drink.

Liz the Squeak::
"I am constantly amazed by people who feel they have only had a good time if they cannot remember a single thing and have acquired either a traffic cone, a police officers' hat or a fellow drunk on the sofa who has vomited into the plant pot."

I used to say about my ex husband, Liz, that he didn't think he'd had a good time the night before unless he couldn't remember it. I exaggerated but by not too much.