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26-Aug-00 - 01:15 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/ADD: Nectar of Life (Bob Franke)
Subject: The nectar of life
No- this is definately not Rod Stewart, as I said- it's sort of sung-spoken in a Leonard Cohen fashion, and the singer's name isn't as well known, I don't think, as R. Stewart. He is in the over-forty yrs. old range... I really don't know anything more about him. Any information would help- as I would then have a point of reference. Right now all I've got is a couple lines and the melody.

Thanks for trying.

(No, it is definately not the dylan song)

Do they know pastor? I was a saint in the church. I fought for my children and I did good work. I fought for my lover and my self respect, and the nectar of life never left my tongue. (pause) Forever young...

(and so forth)

Thanks for reading.