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Posted By: John Minear
04-Mar-10 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: From SF to Sydney - 1853 Shanties Sung?
Subject: RE: From SF to Sydney - 1853 Shanties Sung?
Hey, Charlie, maybe you guys could do a joint YouTube thing. That would be great. I'm not crashed, just ruminating. And enjoying no snow, sunshine and clear skies.

Here's a list of the earliest documented work songs that have been mentioned so far on this thread. There may be others that I don't know about. We've already discussed these to some extent, but I will begin again with them and see how my categories work.

[1832] "The Quid"
"Oh her love is a sailor"
"Oh! if I had her"

[April 3, 1837] Captain Marryat
"Sally Brown"

[1840] Dana
"Heave, to the girls!"
"Nancy oh!"
"Jack Crosstree"
"Cheerly, men"
"Heave round hearty!"
"Captain gone ashore!"
"Dandy ship and a dandy crew"
"Time for us to go!"
"Round the corner"
"Tally high ho! you know"
"Hurrah! hurrah! my hearty bullies!"

[February 11,1840] Olmstead
"Drunken Sailor"
"Nancy Farana"
"O, Hurrah, My Hearties, O"

[circa 1844] Lowe
"Roll and go for that white pitcher, roll and go,"

[1845] "American Journal of Music"
"Ho, O, heave O" / "Row, Billy, row"

[1850s] Meacom/Whidden
"Mobile Bay"
"Fire Down Below"
"One More Day For Johnnie"

[c.1855] Nordhoff
"Old Stormy"
"Yankee Dollar"
"Fire Maringo"
"Highland Laddie"
"Across the briny ocean"