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Posted By: Steve Gardham
04-Mar-10 - 06:47 PM
Thread Name: Help:recordings,refs, trad songs;English
Subject: Help:recordings,refs, trad songs;English
Hi all,
Just finishing off the references for second edn of The Wanton Seed.
I'm trying to include references to currently available recordings of as many of the songs as possible. I've had a quick look at the DT and whilst midis are available and I might refer to these it's actual recordings of singers I'm after. Ideally recordings of source singers and where possible as close to Hampshire/Dorset as poss. Where these are not available I'm willing to include details of recordings made by revival singers based on the Hammond/Gardiner versions. For instance Tim Radford has very kindly sent me a copy of his new CD based on the songs of George Blake who features 5 pieces in Wanton Seed. I will definitely be including these references.

Here's a list of songs for which I currently have nowt. CD title and number should be sufficient.

All Under The New Mown Hay: Roud 7180: I know Martin Carthy recorded it twice but not currently available?

The Barley Raking: R1024

Bedlam = Through Moorfields: R605

The Bedmaking: R1631

Better For Maids to live Single: R1632 (Unique)

The Boatswain and the Tailor: R570

Bonny Kate: R1633 (Unique)

Bright Phoebus: R1634 (Long shot)

The Buxom Lass = The Mower: R853

Captain Ward and the Rainbow: R224

Catch-Me-If-You-Can: R1028 (Somebody recorded this recently?)

The Cluster of Nuts: Roud 1261

The Crafty Maid's Policy: R1624

The Dandy Husband: R15129 (Unlikely)

The Darling Boy: R1452

The Death of Parker: R1032

Down By the Woods and Shady Green Trees = The Shady Green tree: R2512

The Gay Ploughboy: R1639

The Hostess's Daughter: R914

I am a brisk Young Sailor: R1042

The Yorkshireman In London: R1640 (unlikely)

John White: R1641 (Unique)

Johnny Sands and Betty Haigh: R184

Jolly Joe the Collier's Son: R1129

The Lady of riches: R601

The Lass of London City: R1554

Long looked For Come at last; R991

Low Down in the Broom: R1644 (English versions only)

The Man of Dover: =Birmingham Boys, R665 (Harry Cox sang but is it currently available)

Mathew the Miller: R 1050

Molly and William + False-hearted William: R 1414

(My) Good Old Man: R240

My Husband's got no Courage in him = O Dear O: R870 (Current Bert Lloyd/ Frankie Armstrong?)

(My) Jolly Roving Tar: R913

Oh dear, how I long to get married: R1647

Old Mother Crawley: R1057 (Unique)

Old Woman's Song: R1648 (Unique)

Robin Hood and the Tanner: R332 (Unlikely)

The Roving Bachelor: R1649

Seven Months I've been Married: R1650 (Only one other known version in Canada)

The Shopkeeper: R1651

Three Jolly Sneaksmen: R1652 (Unique)

The Wanton Seed: R17230

Watercresses: R1653 (Harry Clifton)

Young Johnny was a Ploughboy = Young Roger the Ploughboy: R17772

Young Johnson: R12718

Yes it is a long list but anything would be helpful and appreciated, including suggestions of where to look. I have already plumbed the depths of 'The Voice of the People' series and some of the VT CDs and MTCDs