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Posted By: Jeri
26-Aug-00 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Blowing in the Wind (parody - Chenilles)
Subject: Lyr Add: BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (parody - Chenilles)
What the heck - transcribed from the RealAudio show:

Blowin' in the Wind Parody
(Chenille Sisters)

How many roads must a man drive down
Before he admits he is lost
Why when a man becomes married is he
Unable to find his own socks
How many times will it take till he knows
He's seen the Three Stooges enough
The answer my friend I cannot comprehend
The answer I cannot comprehend.

How many shows can a man surf through
Before the remote burns out
Why does he think that an intimate gift
Is a Dustbuster Plus for the house
How many sounds can a man's body make
Before he sleeps on the couch
The answer my friend is take two aspirin
The answer is take two aspirin

Why when we go for a romantic drive
Do we wind up at Builders' Square again
How many nights will he leave the seat up
So I land on cold porcelain
How men really feel is a mystery to me
And probably a mystery to them
The answer, girlfriends, is driving me to gin
The answer is driving me to gin