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Posted By: katlaughing
26-Aug-00 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Fahrenheit 451-The LAST Song
Subject: RE: Fahrenheit 451-The LAST Song
Well, it might seem simplistic, but one I know I will never forget and that people would always have a need for, at least in their hearts, is the Prairie will still need to be sung to sleep and rock-a-byed, I hope...

Very KEWL idea and thread, Spaw. Do we get to come back with second suggestions and, uh-oh, were we supposed to be in character? That would be fun...

I am out in the middle of the former state of a vast wasteland, with dead drilling rigs and ghosttowns littering the horizon. Nothing stirs, no buffalo left, not even a horned toad lizard.

A few of us live up against the mountains in the quartz crystal caves which survived...we venture out for food gathering and once in a while to meet with those from other outposts, once we've decided they are safe to meet.

Then, we have a small feast around the campfires burning and we post guards to watch the skies for those who seek to destroy our knowledge. In low tones, we each go round, intoning the words of pasts forgotten by most, remembered and passed on by the few...tonight I start off with the soft lilt of the lully my mother always sang to me...Tumble in bed, my tired little sleepyhead...

A chill runs through the gathering as we hear a whirr in the distance. We hurry to cover the fires and run for the caves, the last vibrations of the tunes shimmering in the air, then dropping down to almost inaudible whispers of ancestors telling us to "remember..don't let the songs die."