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07-Mar-10 - 05:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Gin I Were a Baron's Heir?
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Gin I Were a Baron's Heir?
101 Scottish Songs Ed. Norman Buchan (1962) says "Tune by J W Holder"

It also gives these chords for those who like these things.

    G    Em   Bm       G7
Oh, gin I were a baron's heir,
    C       G         A7       D7
And could I braid wi' gems your hair,
    G    Em         Bm    G7
And make ye braw as ye are fair,
C       G      D7   G
Lassie, wad ye lo'e me?
    Bm      Em      Bm      G7
And could I tak' ye tae the toon,
    C       G          A7   G7
And shaw ye braw sights many an ane,
    G       Em      Bm    G7
And busk ye fine in silken goon,
C       G       D7   G
Lassie, would ye lo'e me?

Or should ye be content to prove,
In lowly life unfading love.
A heart that nought on earth could move,
Lassie, would ye lo'e me?
And ere the lav'rock wing the skie,
Say, would ye tae the forest hie,
And work wi' me sae merrily,
Lassie, would ye lo'e me?

And when the braw moon glistens o'er,
Our wee bit bield and heathery muir,
Will ye no greet for ye're sae puir,
Lassie, for I lo'e ye?
For I ha'e naught tae offer ye,
Nae gowd frae mine, nae pearl frae sea,
Nor am I come o' high degree,
Lassie, but I love ye!