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Posted By: ichMael
07-Mar-10 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: Remember the Alamo (March 6, 1836)
Subject: RE: BS: Remember the Alamo
No, Rick Perry is not a supporter of state sovereignty.

In April of last year we succeeded in getting a State Sovereignty Resolution through the legislature. The governor (Perry) had no alternative but to sign it, so he turned the signing into a media circus where he dropped the word "secession." THAT is what got all the attn in the news. Perry made what political hay he could out of a bad situation.

Perry has been working hand in glove with Cintra (a Spanish company, owned by King Juan Carlos of Spain) to turn over the roadways in Texas to, well...the King of Spain. We've beat back the effort twice, but Perry keeps on coming. His goal is to sell us out to global financial interests. And if Kay Bailey Hutchison (currently a corrupt U.S. Senator) had replaced him, the agenda would have remained the same.

Medina's plan of action would have cut off federal money coming into Texas, but we could have made up the lack of Federal money overnight by cutting off money going to Washington and diverting that cash to state coffers.

Medina was perhaps the greatest danger in the world (for a month) to the global banking syndicate. If Texas had become financially independent of the federal government, our example could have begun a domino effect in the U.S. Other states with sound economies would have followed our lead. This wouldn't be secession, it would be cutting off the flow of revenue to the vampiric government in Washington. Medina was on FIRE for 3 weeks, climbing from 4% to 24% before the media smear was launched.

I hope she looks at the voting results and moves to one of the congressional districts that gave her 70% of the vote so she can run for U.S. congress.