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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
08-Mar-10 - 01:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads

Reading the MOAB without remarking until now shows incredible fortitude; the urge to comment must have been strong at times. And I wonder how many monitors and keyboards you replaced after rapid drink expulsions during the time? I have to say, some of the funniest bits of nonsense have turned up in here (a couple of all time favorites came from BWL and the rare visits by John Hardly). Bruce's story about the neighbors dogs being rounded up in his yard just sends me off into gales of laughter every time I read it (I did a cut and paste and I think I've saved it to a couple of other threads around here).

I admit to having a quiver-full of guest appearances around the MOAB; LH isn't the only one. Some of us just don't have such a reputation so can get away with brief appearances. Who knows how many have channeled the freds and gluon? Lots of the time I read along and add remarks just to keep it near the top of the page or so I can tell where I left off reading.

Having just finished your survey, did you see any unique or recurring characters that you'd like to know more about, or have turn up again? Remind us who they were and perhaps the creator will come forward or arrange an encore.

As far as participating at Mudcat, there are storytellers and non-musical folks interested in music who are members. There are some who never set foot in the musical portion of the site, though reading through up there is how you can really take the measure of the place. The brainpower in the music section is phenomenal and I've enjoyed some incredible conversations and research discussions up there.

Now, before someone comes along and loudly protests that this isn't BS, I'll stop. But hope to see you in a few other threads.

MOM baked some of her blueberry muffins and put on a pot of coffee, so stop by in the kitchen and help yourself. Just watch out for that jar of milky stuff in the fridge. If you want cream, you're better off with the powdered creamer on the table--I think the jar has something cut up for fishing bait. It belongs to one of the boys. The fridge hasn't smelled right for a week. (You absolutely don't want to look in the freezer. All of us have put road kill in there, and I don't think any of us have skinned them out like we planned. Sorry about that.)

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