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Posted By: Howard Jones
09-Mar-10 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: Risk Assessment for folk band
Subject: RE: Risk Assessment for folk band
Risk assessments are intended to be a structured aid to thinking through what risks might attach to an activity and planning how to deal with them. Instead they all too often turn into a buck-passing exercise as different parties try to put the responsibility on each other.

The biggest danger (which increases the more detailed the assessment gets) is that they become too rigid and allow no flexibility or freedom of action when something unforeseen does happen. In a recent case a woman died after the fire brigade were unable to rescue her from a mine shaft because "Health & Safety" wouldn't allow them to use their body harnesses on a civilian - I shouldn't be at all surprised to learn that this policy came out of a risk assessment which failed to foresee this particular situation, but which did not allow those on the scene to use their own judgement.

I would agree with Chris B that it should be the promoter's responsibility to carry out a risk assessment for the event itself - the band will have no control over drink spillages or first aid provision. IMO the risk assessment for the band should cover only the band's own activities, but should include not only electrical safety but for example the handling of heavy items.