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Posted By: treewind
09-Mar-10 - 05:48 AM
Thread Name: Risk Assessment for folk band
Subject: RE: Risk Assessment for folk band
"I would have thought it would have been the promoter's responsibility for provide any risk assessments - not the band's"

Yes, of course the venue/promoter has responsibilities too, but some of those have to be met by ticking all the right boxes for visiting bands and performers.

Everybody is desperately trying to shift the responsibility on to someone else. It's the same with insurance. I guess the promoter or venue doesn't want to take responsibility for everything the band or performer does (for all they know it might involve juggling chainsaws or fire-eating).

A few years ago I produced what I called a "Health and Safety Policy" statement for our band. It reads very like Alan's list, and it was there to throw back at jobsworths who want to know that "everything's PAT tested" (as if that was all there was to it) and it requires building electrics to be safe (believe me, we've played in some agricultural locations that weren't...) and spells out what we aren't responsible for, as well as the precautions we do take.

As a ceilidh band we do get subjected to small children running around too close to the band's stuff, dancers trying to trip over speaker stands or nearly crashing into the band (our best safety efforts can be severely hampered by room layout or lack of space), uneven barn floors... some people seem to have no clue about common sense risks.

For what it's worth, here's what we send out with every contract: Fendragon H&S policy Feel free to borrow and modify as you think fit, but Alan's list has some good ideas too.