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Posted By: bubblyrat
09-Mar-10 - 09:25 AM
Thread Name: Risk Assessment for folk band
Subject: RE: Risk Assessment for folk band
I wonder how the Risk Assessment people and the Health & Safety lot would get on aboard an Aircraft Carrier ?? Well, they just wouldn't !!! I spent 1966 to 1969 aboard HMS Eagle,during which time there were numerous accidents,some serious, ( rum ,"Tiger" and metal ladders / hatches were frequently involved), a major fire, two fatal aircraft crashes,and one guy fell overboard & was never seen again.Total deaths for the period -- Six ,including four aircrew.And we thought that that was a "good result",to be honest.
    I also spent six months on the carrier HMS Centaur. During her peacetime career,from the ' fifties up until about 1965,I believe that accidents,crashes etc claimed the lives of about 140 crew,including 5 or 6 who were scalded to death (instantly) when a super-heated steam -pipe burst in a boiler room. You just accepted it,and got on with your life----not today,though ; far from it !! And I know which period I would rather live in,and it is NOT today's over-protected,cotton-wool,safety-net paranoia !