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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
10-Mar-10 - 03:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: More idiots on Fakebook
Subject: RE: BS: More idiots on Fakebook
it is the vigilante attitude of ignorant thugs that help sell newspapers. That is what this is all about!

Like it or lump it, the only reason this is doing the rounds is that newspapers need something for entertainment, and this will do. The mother of the victim is being exploited for nothing more than entertainment. How twisted is that?

Stoking up such hatred, however repugnant the original crime, just proves that there is no difference between Venables and many many people. A reporter with a camera going round Liverpool looking for social misfits and feral scum, asking them what they would like to do to Venables given the chance...

It shows how easy it was for Hitler to stoke things in the '30s.

How long before we see something similar to when a paediatrician was attacked in Portsmouth because somebody thought it meant the same as paedophile.....