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Posted By: gnu
12-Mar-10 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is it snowing where you live?
Subject: RE: BS: Is it snowing where you live?
Prices will drop, but not by a lot I don't think. Once the major retailers have a price on sommat, they don't drop it much for at least the time it takes to pay for carrying the inventory over the past year. Of course, Maple Slurpup is a special case. It's not like spuds and peas and apples and... that can be fairly well predicted as to supply.

That said, I buy my Slurpup direct from a Sugar Woods about 6km away. I bring my own bottles and pay cash. I could tap my maple out back, but standing at the stove is not an option due to my Satanic nerve. It hurts like the devil.