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Posted By: GUEST,mg
12-Mar-10 - 04:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Diabetes... another thread
Subject: RE: BS: Diabetes... another thread
I have a doctor who has written books about metabolic syndrome, which I most obviously have..he has put together some ideas that are not usually put his books..Dr. Robert Thompson, of Swedish Hospital in Seattle..and metabolic syndrome preceeds or coincides with diabetes II..and if you are overweight, that is part of the process so don't say being overweight leads to diabetes..other way around. Being overweight is a function of diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. Anyway, he says it is not that the insulin does not is that the cells become "candy coated"..and nothing gets in. Or that is what I think he says.

And people are still saying the incredibly stupid thing that diabetes II people do not produce enough insulin..or they said until very recently. Hopefully they are ashamed of themselves now for saying that without testing people..why say that when an inexpensive blood test will tell you if you produce insulin or not? Mine was 5 times too high when I had it tested and you have to stomp your feet and insist on having it tested. Pay for itself if you must..even if some doctor says you aren't diabetic..if you have high insulin scores and are overweight you are in a diabetic process regardless of your blood sugar levels.. mg