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Posted By: bubblyrat
13-Mar-10 - 05:50 AM
Thread Name: Risk Assessment for folk band
Subject: RE: Risk Assessment for folk band
Well, we're off to play a "gig" for Paddy's Day in a pub tomorrow,and I am ashamed to say that we have NOT done a Risk Assessment (neither ,I suspect,has Eammon Hanlon,the landlord,but then he's Irish !).
       We will almost certainly be exposed to any number of risks and dangers,including alcohol ( cirrhosis,hypertension,peripheral neuritis,et al) ,a free lunch ( food poisoning,flatulence,appendicitis) going to the loo (slippery floors,falling,infection from bog-seat,punch-up),PA and "Amp" equipment ( electrocution,tripping on leads,banging heads / teeth on Mics) playing sensitive and possibly emotion-provoking intensely nationalistic music and songs ( disagreements,arguments,religious conflict,inebriation,punch-ups) ---In fact,I'm DREADING it !!!