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15-Mar-10 - 09:49 AM
Thread Name: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
Subject: RE: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
On my last vacation in the hospital....

Doctor had the staff send me a tray- it contained a glass filled with a white liquid they had something to do with cows. Amazing and the cows don't mind you drinking their stuff?

Another glass had a clear liquid in it. You know it was the same stuff my wife uses to wash the dishes and the clothing. The thought of drinking that stuff really turned me off.

I had answered the initial questionarre honestly.

Each vital signs check night and day nurse would ask me if I was nervous
I was not never had been and wasnt a problem. After about the tenth time I finally asked them why they asked. They said they had a pill for that. I said why. They said that the quack thought I might be undergoing withdrawall.

I responded I beg your pardon, I am a trained athlete.