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15-Mar-10 - 04:44 PM
Thread Name: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
Subject: RE: Should drink pitchers be required for folk venues
I like to shut the heat and electric off and go down to the pub and get my work done. I generally have a few books and a file or two of paperwork. I order pitchers of beer so the wait staff can have a break and it can warm up slightly and so that I dont run out so often thus having to call for a wait staffer or get up. Mainly convenience but occasionally the volume purchase will save money. I used to meet folk in the back terraces of Newcastle upon tyne who never went home enjoying the warm coal fire in the lounge bar sipping tea doing needlework singing the occasional song. One folk musician complained that I drank cheap beer- easier for him to say as the house gave him bottles of import and I had to pay for mine but never a comment or bad look.