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Posted By: Jack Campin
16-Mar-10 - 06:24 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Ads have knackered my browser
Subject: Tech: Ads have knackered my browser
I normally use a very old browser on this MacOS 9 machine - iCab 2.9.9. Most of the time I've had Javascript disabled, becaiuse it doesn't work very well and it's a resource hog. This means I don't get to see the ads here - or some photo gallery sites.

Last night I re-enabled Javascript to see some pictures. Today I launched a BS thread (the one on Texas schoolbooks), after forgetting to turn the Javascript off again. The result locked up and then crashed my browser, and somethign has happened that now means I can't reset the browser preferences, despite relaoding both the prefs file and the browser itself froma backup. So I can't now get at the p[references panel that turns Javascript off , and I'm stuck with some almost unreadable text editing font (so this message will probably be a mess).

This is by far the most destructive Javascript code I've ever encountered. It'll probably be days before I can get this machine (the main one I use) back into a state where I can post to Mudcat (or any other web forum) from it again.

I am going to make damn sure that all Javascript from Mudcat is blocked on every other setup I use that allows selective script blocking.