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Posted By: JohnInKansas
16-Mar-10 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Ads have knackered my browser
Subject: RE: Tech: Ads have knackered my browser
The annoying behaviour I've been seeing recently is a long pause loading a thread page while the mouse pointer "flutters" and the browser acts like it's "hung."

This happens only on BS threads, so far as I've seen, and is associated with a single "ad" with an button, and another button to one of the junk "messaging" links (whose name I don't recall because it's not anything I'd ever want to click).

The "pointer flutter" is apparently becaue the ad contains about a dozen "remote sites," each of which must be separately connected/accessed to insert a single link. Each link download requires connection to a different source file, and when that connection is "made" the pointer returns to normal, but flips back to an "in processs" form until the next link completes its thing.

While the "delay" is inconvenient, the really annoying thing is that often one or more of the remote "links" gets inserted in the browser history log, so the "Back" button tries to send you to that link (which is a non-displayable file) rendering it impossible to get back to anything useful using "Back."

The offending "ad group" appears only intermittently, and so far as I've been able to see it's only on BS threads (mostly?). That ad group, at least in it's most annoying form, doesn't appear to be present now, although my "back history" list does show a couple of extraneous "connections" that aren't functional.

Properly formed jscript "insert ad" links should be ignored in the "Back list" and should not appear there. It might be conjectured that if the "Submit Message" button references that list to get the id of the thread in which to add the post (??), an inappropriate link in the list might be a cause of some of the failures to post that have been reported with some frequency recently(????).

Within the past couple of weeks I've had two or three "submits" that had to be repeated as many as three times to get the post to "take," and so far as I've noticed the offensive "ad" was on all pages where it happened.