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Posted By: George Papavgeris
16-Mar-10 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: The World's First Nude Ceilidh
Subject: RE: The World's First Nude Ceilidh
Not for the faint hearted. Let's see... working up a sweat but without the clothes to mop it up, that should cause some steaming and odour. The raised arms for the arches will add to the olfactory punishment. Then there are the visuals; spare tyres continuing swinging after the dancer has stopped ("swing her by the middle" becomes "swing your own middle"), well-matured breasts (of both persuasions) wobbling unsupported, sweaty bare arms and bodies embracing for the basket or to promenade... And then the aural pleasures of all that uncontrolled slapping about, not to mention noises produced during the exertions by naked body parts which would normally be clothed.

And that would be just me!