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Posted By: paula t
17-Mar-10 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: Lost Plectrum
Subject: RE: Lost Plectrum
As a mum, I'm well experienced in the field of lost small objects. Having worked my way up from Barbie shoes and Barbie coathangers, through Polly Pocket figures and, in recent years, school bus passes, I'm now qualified to speak about this .I recently graduated to thumbpicks and the occasional plectrum - with an additional, "short notice , someone must have moved it," qualification ("I need it now and I'm sure I put it away!").

Try washing all your pairs of jeans. I can guarantee that as soon as you take them out of the tumble dryer you'll find them in a pocket.....along with your lost tissues, raffle tickets, ten pound notes................

Failing that, ask the Capo Fairy (often found in our house),Sock Fairy, the TV Remote Fairy or the Unable To Switch Lights Off Fairy . They are found in most homes and I think they co-habit.

Let this be a lesson to you! Put them in a safe place in the future.
I'm sure that the Lakeland store MUST have a special plastic container (plectrum shaped of course) to keep plectrums in. You'll probably find them on the shelves with their famous banana shaped banana cases and digestive biscuit cases (which hold 2 biscuits, so I'm told).

Hope this is helpful,