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Posted By: mikesamwild
19-Mar-10 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War

This is getting very informative.

I have just remembered that Sheffielder Pete Smith wrote a great song about Spain, As I Roved out one Midsummer Morning , juxtaposing the laurie lee idelaism with modern Costas.

Roy Blackman of Rotherham, a noted poet and singer) also wrote one , Quiet Flow the Irwell and the Don. it's about Clem Beckett who was killed on the first day of Jarama along with writer and poet Chris Cauldwell ( real name Christopher St John Sprigge)

Clem was from Oldham and a noted Speedway rider for Sheffield and Manchester Belle Vue Aces. Hence the title

Roy B is an expert on sport and was the TV memory man!

I'll get the words to you unless they come on Mudcat first.

I'm also chasing some songs by Manus O'Riordan of Dublin whose dad Michael (RIP) was in Spain.My Dad sent the young feller across the Ebro clutching the brigade flag, as he said 'I made a great target, thanks to Sam Wild!' The family are great singers and musicians.

Subject: RE: Songs in English about the Spanish Civil War
From: GUEST (Peter Smith)
Date: 22 Mar 10 - 09:07 AM

I was talking to Mike Wild last night in the pub and he asked me to forward a copy of a song I wrote in 1997. The idea for the song, although it started out as a poem, came early one morning on holiday in Mercia, Spain, whilst waiting up for my youngest daughter to return from one of the local nightclubs. At the time I was reading Laurie Lee's book 'As I walked out on One Mid Summer's Morning' and looking round I found it hard to believe that all those who went off to fight for the democratically elected gov't in 1936 would appreciate the modern Spain that caters for British tourists. Unforunately things have not significantly changed since the song was written.

To my knowledge I am the only person to have sung the song and there is no recording. It was always my intention to make a recording and post it on my website (
HERE but unfortunately I have never quite got round to doing it.

By Peter Smith

As I walked out on one midsummer's morning
A jubilee since the promise of the name
To taste and smell the riches of the morrow
To see times effect on Laurie Lee's Spain

There's still the heat and the scent of jasmine
Cicadas hammering down the heat of the sun
But no more mystery and innocence of purpose
Franco's costa is the victory won

Still the graffiti of the fresco minded
Of fashion and pop and doodling fun
But no more calls of 'La Pasionaria'
A million Dolores in a land of one

No more calls from the donkey-peasant
Tanned to leather by the sun and pain
Only the pose of mobile messengers
Ephemeral and plastic like the coast of Spain

Bikini ladies as bare as the landscape
Shaped by olives and the soaring sun
Stirring dreams and dazzling the senses
Stymming the thoughts of Owell's man

Where are the hopes and promises of yesteryear
Where are the bones of Hemmingway's Spain
Not drifting on the tides and the sounds of the costas
But walking on the morn of an Andean name

Stand to the chords of L'Internationale
Raise your hopes above the flash mundane
Remember the aims of Sam Wild's army
On one midsummer's morn in Laurie Lee's Spain

As I walked out on a midsummer's morning
To taste and feel the past of Spain
Only the words of remembered poets
On one midsummer's morning in modern Spain