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Posted By: Genie
19-Mar-10 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Lost Plectrum
Subject: RE: Lost Plectrum
"Plectrum? Damn near killed 'im!"

Actually the correct plural (to refer to all the little buggers that get lost and hang out together under the sofa cushions) is "plectra."
I know.   I saw it a crossword puzzle just the other day.

Seamus, kudos (which, BTW, is singular) to you on penning such a groan-worthy Bears parody!

Andrew, I think I have found your lost plectrum.   I'll be glad to send it back to you free (you just pay shipping and handling of $7.95) if you can provide a full description (notarized, of course).

But, hey.   When I do use a flat pick, I prefer the Herco ones, which are like a thumb pick with a wide flat picking surface.   When they're not in use, I clip them onto my earlobes. If they go with my outfit, they make nice accessories.