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Posted By: Genie
19-Mar-10 - 11:40 PM
Thread Name: Obit:Fess Parker: Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone 2010
Subject: RE: Obit: Fess Parker: Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone
Jacqui, Fess Parker - not so much Davy Crocket, but Parker himself - was just about the first celebrity crush I had. (Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins in Disney's "Treasure Island" was the other, and he was about my age, but that was just a movie I saw once. I had Fess for many weeks as Davy and then for many more as Dan'l Boone.)   I even followed Fess Parker in whatever other movie roles I knew about.

I like what the L A Times said about him:

[[And yet, if Parker had some John Wayne in him, he also had some Jimmy Stewart. Wayne had no modesty. Parker did. His Crockett was kind, temperate, sensitive, tolerant -- less an Indian fighter in the Wayne mold than an Indian mediator. He was also something of a renegade, opposing authority and challenging the system. That enabled him to bridge political and ideological divides or, rather, to blur them.

Conservatives claimed him -- and Parker was a conservative himself who was a friend and neighbor of Ronald Reagan -- but so did liberals. He belonged to everyone.

In fact, after he left Disney because he was tired of being typecast as a frontiersman, Parker starred for one season, from 1962 to 1963, in a television version of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," which only showed the continuity between his Crockett and 20th century Frank Capra populism. ]]

I also remember his becoming a small-scale vintner after he retired from movies. Wonder if his vineyards are still going.

"Farewell," Fess. Thinking of you brings back sweet memories of my 'tween & early teen yrars.