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Posted By: akenaton
24-Mar-10 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nationalized Healthcare, good? bad?
Subject: RE: BS: Nationalized Healthcare, good? bad?
Nationalised health care is a great idea, but for it to work long term, people must be educated into understanding that it is to be treated with respect as a "national" service.

Unfortunately our economic/social system does not encourage such a mindset....everyone, from our top politicians, to the benefit inflicted poor, are on the take. Indeed, the poor are obliged to screw the system, the abuse is built into the machine; the same applies to the self employed and the rich....all screw the system for all they are worth, it is expected of them.
The people who pay for everything are those on PAYE who have no escape, the machine gobbles them up lock stock and barrel.

How does this affect healthcare? In the UK the "health service" has become a gigantic money trough, abused by everyone, GP's, consultants, nurses, drug companies, and worst of all a general public who have no idea what they are fortunate enough to have inherited and rip it off at every opportunity.

For any of the great "national sevices" to work, the system must change, we must develop respect for society and ourselves.