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Posted By: Bill D
24-Mar-10 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nationalized Healthcare, good? bad?
Subject: RE: BS: Nationalized Healthcare, good? bad?
Barden... that quote from Doug R. was from a paragraph that was simply 5-6 slogans the Republicans are fond of declaiming. Each of the sentiments he throws out are subject to extensive analysis and correction as to relevance and accuracy....for example..."If we were so bad, there wouldn't be so many risking their lives to sneak into our country.".... Yep... we ARE better off than some of the countries he means (mostly Mexico)... but we are NOT as well-off as SOME ...especially as to health care (for example, Denmark --look it up).

   "Freedom" is a relative thing, and can mean many things, and 'our government' "of the people, by the people, for the people" always needs some regular course correction. When insurance companies do NOT play fair, the government is the ONLY institution who can force then to play fair, and even that is gonna take work.

This bill does NOT yet effectively rein in insurance charges, but this is a start. The insurance companies fought against it because it DOES make a start, and they don't want even a precedent of having their way of doing things changed! They want to control the rules ABOUT making rules. They will still make unfair profits under this current bill...(3% of trillions is a LOT of money!)... but they want unfettered "freedom" to rake it in with no regard for who is helped.....and to this end, they fund the election campaigns of Republicans (and some Democrats) who are likely to vote their way!

This system needs to be changed!!!!