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Posted By: Stewie
25-Mar-10 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Corrugated Lady (Red Clay Ramblers)
Subject: Lyr Add: CORRUGATE LADY (Thompson/Black)
I listened a few dozen more times (sans Jack Daniels) and I think I may have cracked it. I had to separate the channels to get the second part.

Dale, I would appreciate any corrections if you find your copy. I'll email you at the weekend.

(T. Thompson/J. Black)

Well, I walked and I ran from one end of this land
To the other like an athletic fool
I was fond of playin' tennis with the countesses of Venice
Courtin' princesses in heated swimming pools
Back and forth across the ocean, southern Spain to Nova Scotia
Chasin' women till my face was turning blue
Now my pencil's out of lead, I'll just lay up in bed
With my scissors and my paper and my glue
'Cos a cardboard girlfriend's much to be preferred
To paper lay-ay-dies
I'll take my exercise at home with her
Oh, nothin' could be sweeter than my sweetie when I treat her
Like a dartboard on the wall
That's my great big, corrugated, chipboard paper doll

Instrumental break

[The above first part is sung against the following part]

I'm gonna buy myself a paper doll to call my own
One that other fellows cannot steal
And then, them flirty-flirty guys with their flirty-flirty eyes
Will have to play with dollies that are real
When I come home at night she'll be there waiting
She'll be the truest doll in all the world
I'd rather have myself this paper doll to call my own
Than a big old-minded real time girl