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Posted By: JedMarum
29-Aug-00 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: Guild guitar string replacements
Subject: RE: Guild guitar string replacements
I used to use the lowest cost Martins, and change 'em put pretty often. I like the Marquis and other Phosphur alloys, but I can't use 'em long. I'm not sure if its me(I leave a bit of sweat and meat on the neck when I play, even though I clean it) or of it's the Texas heat, but in summer I can't use the Phosphur strings more then one night. I can use the low/no phosphur longer, but in summer I still go through 'em pretty quick.

I too have a love/hate thing going with Elixers. They do sound a bit muted, compared to the brightness of brand new strings, but they sound OK, and their sound doesn't change over time (much). I like the low squeek affect, but I hate the feel. They are definately harder to double, and I guess they can't be lying about the size (they say their guage is standard) so it must be the slickness or something. Anyway, I have double fretted some chord combinations for years and now suddenly find doing so a bitof a challenge, with Elixers. I have gotten used to them, and have decieded they are a neccessary compromise. I am sure I spend less money, overall, and change them far less often. I've had very few break. All things considered they're OK - pretty good sound, and they last.