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Posted By: MARINER
27-Mar-10 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Subject: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Lately I've been forcing myself to watch The Glen Beck programme on Fox. It’s not easy; the man appears to be a total, albeit a dangerous, buffoon. What I've been wondering is, just who is his target audience? Given his constant use of visual aids, blackboards etc I am coming to the conclusion that it is either elementary school children or mentally challenged adults. Surely otherwise the use of such "aids" are superfluous and an insult to the average adult intelligence. Any sign of intelligent analysis of any of his chosen subjects seems to be absent from his shows. It appears to be replaced by screaming, jumping about and "gurning" (making faces to you non Brits) at the cameras. Could I be correct in my assumption that his show is not really for adults?