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Posted By: Bobert
27-Mar-10 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Subject: RE: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Well, yeah, M.... That's what FOX/FIX is all about... It is owned by Rupert Murdock who is as far right as far right can get without coming full circle bgack to the left (lol)... He also owns the Wall Street Journal and is trying to buy the supposed liberal New York Times...

But the reality is that FOX has such a hypnotic effect on it's full-timers that they believe everything that FOX reports and loves all of FOX's entertainers, Beck being one... But the scarey part if that FOX is out there to capture a certain number of the people that make up their market and then selll ads to companies based on that market share and in doing what they do, which BTW they do well, they have created an entire political party, the Tea Party, which is now runing the Republican Party ragged... This is a recipe for disastare... It used to be that the Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks were just political entertainers... Now they are controlling one of the two major politcal parties???

I know, go figure???