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Posted By: Amos
29-Mar-10 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Speak firmly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes.
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases.
Deflect his angst and questions deep,
With shallow, deft aplomb.
And never, never, ever tell
Your boy about Our Mom.
For if he hears one little part,
He'll soon ask for another
And soon he'll spend his every hour
Discovering Our Mother!
His grades will fail, his health will pale,
His glow will fade away
He'll stay up secretly all night,
To reach the next of Kay!
Oh, save your son! Do not allow
This madness to infect him!
For if you once do bend his mind,
You never will correct him!
For Mom is deep and strong and wide
And her currents none can master
And once you drift to the BS side,
The stream runs ever faster!
There is no cure or dam or gate
Can slow that furious torrent!
And you will stand to weep and wait
As he rides that stream abhorrent.
And this will lead to graver sins!
Sins too dark to confess!
Oh spare your child, and teach him not
The path to pure BS!!

Black Bart Walleye Shimmerson