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Posted By: Ross Campbell
30-Mar-10 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: Anyone know of Tom Yates
Subject: RE: Anyone know of Tom Yates
"If I had a boat like Manannan
Or the gifts? of the Da Dannan
I'd give the sword and spear to those who pray
The stone and cauldron to the poor."

The chorus went something like that. The rest I have somewhere in the pen & ink archives, ie not on the computer yet. I heard Tom Yates sing this at an after-hours campfire session at one of the Chorley Folk Festivals (another thread refers). I might have an LP somewhere too (I assume that's how I got the words). Never came across him again, though he seemed to be fairly well known around Manchester back then.

Manannan (Wikipedia)

Tuatha de Danann (Wikipedia) The article explains the sword, spear, stone and cauldron as "The Four Treasures of the De Danann".

Any more words, anybody?