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Posted By: Sawzaw
01-Apr-10 - 09:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: KatrinaGate
Subject: RE: BS: KatrinaGate...
My understanding is that they waked in during normal business hours. Do you call that "breaking into"? Was anything broken?

I do think they went over the line though.

I'll Bet we are on the same page on this.

Acorn did some good work. Paying taxes wasn't one of them. Always telling people to tell the truth wasn't one of them.

I keep saying over and over to no avail to the all bad all good crowd:

People have to be able to recognize the good in anybody as well as the bad.

I mean, Damn, even rattlesnakes have some uses.

But there again. Bobert has managed to bring his bogotry, racism and hatred into the discussion.