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Posted By: GUEST
01-Apr-10 - 01:58 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cuánto le Gusta (R Gilbert, G Ruiz)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Quanta la Gusta / Cuánto le Gusta
I'm looking for the same song. Les had most of the lyrics right. Here are a couple of corrections -IN CAPs-that I remember (I sing it to my cat...I know..):

Cuanto la gusta, la gusta, la gusta, la gusta, la gusta, la gusta , LA GUST...(Repeat)

When are we leavin', Where are we goin', What are we gonna do. We're on our way to WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO NOWHERE, THE 3 OF US AND YOU.

What'll we see there, when will we be there, what'll be the big surprise.

We're headin' South tomorrow with starlight in our eyes. We're on our way, we won't be back. And if we stay, we won't LOOK back. How can we go ? We haven't got a dime. But we're goin' and we're gonna have a happy time. Cuanto la gusta, la gusta, etc. Enjoy !! Les

I wish I remember more, and hope I'm correct. I'm just filling in the blanks with what I remember. Between Les and (maybe me) this might help. I think there are more lyrics, but perhaps it's just a repeat...That's what i'm looking for too! My cat wants more!