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Posted By: catspaw49
30-Aug-00 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: What are the best Vietnam era songs?
Subject: RE: What are the best Vietnam era songs?

Mary that is truly powerful song........Knowing something of you from your posts here, I know it comes from deep within....but even if I knew nothing of you, I would still say the same. Very powerful words that evoke the real tragedy of the time....and for you, in a very personal way. But its more than that.

You and I, and indeed everyone, has a differing view on those times. But one thing is true......they had a profound effect on our lives. I dislike the songs that condemn or affix blame or any of the other politically motivated things that many express. I won't do them. But the songs of the people and the suffering, sacrifice, and pain.......those are worth singing.....because that is the sad legacy.

Right now, other words escape me. Yours is the best song I have seen written here at Mudcat. Yeah, it scans and all of that, but I can think of none that come from so deep in the heart and have the honesty and truth shining through more than yours. Thank you Mary.......thank you.