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Posted By: GUEST,Warren Dodsdale
01-Apr-10 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sing in the Spring (Utah Phillips)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Sing in the Spring (Utah Phillips)
I had a mule, his name was Jack (2X)
And when I climbed upon his back,
He damn near died of a heart attack

Sing in the spring, sing in the fall
Sing when you hear my baby bawl
Sing all day, all night too
If you hush your cryin', I'll sing for you

I had a canary, all yeller and green (2X)
The prettiest bird you've ever seen
But it could swear like a big Marine

I had a bear who sang the blues,
I had a old bear and he wailed the blues,
He hocked his pants, hocked his shoes,
Hocked everything but his press reviews

I had a horse, his name was Tex (2X)
He signed his name with an "X"
And made his livin' forgin' checks

Once I had a tall giraffe (2X)
He liked to sing, and he liked to laugh
He lived on beer and bubble bath

I had me a lamb I used to keep,
Little bitty lamb I used to keep,
When I'd tell him to go to sleep,
He counted people instead of sheep.

I had everything, short and tall (2X)
Round or square, big or small
I guess my baby's the best of all